Copenhagen Harbour is rapidly developing and continues to do so.
New residences, companies and cultural institutions are establishing themselves, where the industrial and military premises prevoiusly had their homes. The city is growing and so is the need to experience and use the harbour facilities, both for business and private purposes.

Flyvefisk / Copenhagen Water Taxi was established in 2004 both out of a need to create a better infrastructure in Copenhagen Harbour ,as well as to offer different and more personal experiences of the city seen from the water.

We have specialised in private sightseeing tours and events focusing on comfort and intimacy, as well as a transport service for people who need to get from one end of the harbour to another.
Our trips can begin and end wherever one wishes both within and outside Copenhagen Harbour, as long as there are suitable mooring facilities for the boat

Flyvefisk / Copenhagen Water Taxi is owned by Netto-B├ądene A/S


Exclusive Excursions

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Flyvende Skib
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